(The author of this hymn is St. Movses Khorenatsi. This splendid hymn is the Cantemus hymn, Mode VIII, of the first day of Christmas. It is also sung during the Blessing of the Water ceremony)

O great and wonderful mystery that is made known today. The shepherds sing with the angels and proclaim the good news to the world.

Today a new king is born in the city of Bethlehem. Bless Him, all people, for He has become man for us.

He who is greater than heaven and earth came down into a manger without leaving His Father to dwell in the holy womb.


(This beautiful 12th-century ode was written by Catholicos Grigor Pahlavuni. It is sung on January 6 during the ceremony commemorating Christs baptism)

O great and amazing mystery that has been revealed, God, the Creator, came upon the Jordan. He wished to be baptized by his servant, but John the Baptist (Forerunner) did not presume to baptise him. River do not be afraid, I am your Creator. I have come to be baptized and wash away the sins of the world.

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